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'Holy Trails'. When desert, ancient trails, bikes and good riders, meet.

We invite you to experience the holy land, the best way we know. Come ride with us, on ancient trails, and endless single tracks across Israel. Fascinating history, breathtaking desert scenery and sunny winter, make Israel the perfect destination for a challenging mountain bike adventure. We guided groups of riders all over the world, from the Indian Himalaya to the South America andes mountains, but still very high on our top best rides list is a desert ride in the south of Israel, from the Judean desert to the Negev and the mountains of Eilat. Our guides know every secret trail, so you can enjoy epic XC rides or mind blowing All-Mountain rides on ancient camel trails - Israel offers countless amazing trails to suit any ride style. If you have a passion for adventure, come visit us in our backyard, and ride the holy trails, in one of the best places in the world for mountain biking.

Our Tours, Your Adventure:

Desert Experience

This plan takes us to the desert. The best ride you have ever had. Technical and challenging sections, from the Judean desert to the Negev mountains. Unique and breathtaking.

Epic ride, across Israel

Amazing routes from Jerusalem to the north of Israel, Nazareth and the sea of Galilee. 35-60 km a day on gravel roads and some non-technical single-tracks. 


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